Maximum performance in the most demanding industrial applications

With the emergence of new energy uses in cogeneration, trigeneration, absorption, wind energy, biomass, or solar thermal energy processes, new needs arise in terms of energy saving and efficiency at an industrial level.

Our commitment to the customer lies in service, quality, and innovation at the highest level. Therefore, we offer our accumulated experience over the years in countless projects, as well as a cutting-edge R&D department in the design of optimal solutions for the most demanding processes.

Combustion systems

Weishaupt burners, quality builds trust

Weishaupt burners are recognised by the specialists as top-quality products. They are renowned for their sound construction, operational reliability and high efficiency. Put another way: That’s reliability.

Weishaupt burners range of power goes from 16,5 to 28,000 kW and they are worldwide recognized for their reliability, their efficiency and for being environmentally friendly. They can be used in any application that requires of heat generation : houses, hospitals , schools , offices, shopping centers , industry, power generation, marine technical processes and so on.

Weishaupt burners are suitable for all types of fuels; gaseous, liquid, conventional or special. Their efficiency is reached thanks to the electronic control of the fuel-air mixture. They can also incorporate variable speed and continuous oxygen control as a way of reducing electricity and fuel consumption.

For every model and power there is a wide range of «Low NOx» executions with low NOx emissions. Weishaupt has worked for over 40 years on the optimization and development of their products at their I+D+I facilities in Schwendi, Germany.

Cooling systems and heat pumps

Quality guarantee, service assurance

KTK KLIMATECHNIK is a European brand, a leader in the Air Conditioning and Cooling Processes sector, characterized by high technical knowledge, great flexibility, and a thirst for innovation. Its strong point is the ability to offer focused and customized responses to specific needs, especially in large installations.

By combining experience, a commitment to innovation, and the most advanced technology, KTK KLIMATECHNIK designs, manufactures, and customizes a complete range of machines specially focused on both industrial processes and air conditioning for commercial or residential environments.

Degasification systems

Degasification systems, sludge disposal and power trim

The duration and degree of performance of the systems depends largely on the quality of the facility water. The type and age of a facility determine the type and frequency of claims. Corrosion and cavitation caused by, among others, oxygen-rich water and sludge can cause strong wear of important parts of the installation. The complaints and the multiple hours spent on maintenance rise both cost and dissatisfaction for the user and the installer.

But there is the possibility of an installation free of air and sludge. Sedical offers a solution for the removal of air micro-bubbles and sludge in all hydraulic systems where the energy distribution can be seriously disrupted or even impeded by the presence of air or other gases dissolved in the water or dirt particles suspended the liquid.

Energy measuring systems

Energy measuring systems, key in energy management

Measurement is the key to understanding how installations consume energy. A thorough knowledge of the energy system will show the way to implement efficiency measures and savings without sacrificing comfort. Sedical has all the necessary equipment for measuring energy in heating and cooling installations.

Expansion systems

Wide range of expansion systems that can meet any need in closed or open circuit installations.

Expansion vessels without mass transfer for closed systems. Mass transfer expansion systems for closed systems controlled by compressor or pump. Expansion vessels without mass transfer for open circuits.

Functions of the expansion vessels:

  • Compensate variations of water volume in the system caused by temperature variations.
  • Constant maintenance of the system’s pressure.
  • Maintaining a low pressure prevents entry of air from the outside and cavitation problems.
  • Minimum water volume reserve.
  • Avoid noise and system’s losses.
  • Easy installation and commissioning. Replaceable membrane (from 100 liters).

Heat exchange systems

Peak performance under the most demanding conditions.

Sedical’s heat exchangers offer the solution to the current need in industrial processes for heat transfer optimization. Sedical boasts the widest range of plates on the market and has a technical department with over 30 years of experience and therefore is able to find the optimal solution to the variety of thermal problems that can occur in an installation.

Sedical’s commitment is to provide its customers with the best possible service, quality and innovation at the highest possible level. Sedical offers the experience of countless projects and the technical know-how of an R & D department leader in designing optimal solutions for the most demanding processes.

Reduced dimensions when compared to any other existing technology, ease in maintenance, possible on-site extensions and a wide range of materials compatible with almost every industrial fluid make this solution optimal to address any heat transfer issue regardless of how demanding it may be.

Thermal energy storage ice systems

Sedical’s ice thermal storage system

The encapsulated ice accumulation systems are used to reduce the peak power in which normally incurs a system in a building without affecting its level of comfort.

The cooling energy is accumulated during the night and used during the day instead of the chiller or simultaneously with it. It can be used in conjunction with centralized systems or with district cooling networks («district cooling»). It is the most simple, reliable and economical system to accumulate cooling energy.

The ice storage systems influence the following parameters:

  • The power of the chiller, which can be reduced significantly.
  • The consumption of electrical energy, which can be distributed over 24 hours or withdrawn completely during the peak period.
  • The reliability of the production, which is enhanced by the use of two power sources.

Industrial Very High Temperature Heat Pumps

ThermBooster™ from SPH Industrial Very High Temperature Heat Pumps

The ThermBooster™ technology from SPH Sustainable Process Heat GmbH offers a sustainable and efficient solution for generating heat in industrial processes. By using industrial very high temperature heat pumps, advanced decarbonization is achieved, CO2 emissions are reduced, energy efficiency is increased, and costs are lowered, significantly contributing to climate protection.

These pumps, known as VHTHP (Very High Temperature Heat Pumps), utilize residual heat from industrial processes to efficiently generate heat up to 200°C. The ThermBooster™ technology employs a high-temperature piston compressor and innovative techniques to reach temperatures up to 165°C, with the goal of exceeding 200°C in the near future.

They provide cost reduction and competitive advantages through sustainability. Although they have great potential for many industries, their use is still limited due to a lack of awareness about their potential applications.