About us

Sedical was founded in February 1977.

Currently, we have 12 own branches, 6 exclusive distributors, and 10 authorized external technical services.

Since its inception, Sedical has been committed to diversification. We have thousands of clients and collaborate in a wide range of sectors and markets thanks to the involvement of our greatest asset, the structure of professionals working in our branches in Spain and Portugal.

Over the years, Sedical has become a systems integrator company that seeks maximum competitiveness in proposing solutions that integrate products and services together.

We have evolved and grown a lot, but we remain faithful to the three pillars that were defined at the beginning:


Energy saving and energy efficiency.


High-quality technological products.


Customer service and proximity.

Quality generates trust.

The products offered by Sedical are characterized by quality, technology, energy efficiency, and low maintenance costs.

After the installation of the products, we provide advisory and maintenance services for them.

All our branches are interconnected to facilitate management and response to customers, and they also have systems for remote monitoring of installations.

Sedical is certified by AENOR with ISO 9001. From the quality management system, we direct our efforts towards meeting the needs of our customers.