After-sales service

The human factor, its motivation, and involvement are decisive elements when forming a competent team capable of facing any challenge. For this reason, we take utmost care in the quality of our staff.

A technical department made up of highly experienced professionals ensures optimal operation of the equipment and maximizes its performance.

No one like Sedical to ensure reliable operation of your equipment. We are backed by thousands of successful interventions in which we actively participate in the design, sale, pre-installation, and commissioning.

Sedical, for service and quality.

At Sedical, we have our own supply warehouses in Spain and Portugal. We continuously maintain a significant stock with the aim of supplying the requested products and spare parts within the most demanding deadlines.

Our warehouses:

  • 2.500m² of warehouses in Sondika (Vizcaya)
  • 500 m² of warehouses in Madrid
  • 790 m² of warehouses in Barcelona
  • 431 m² of warehouses in Oporto
  • 1000 m² of warehouses in Zaragoza
  • 200 m² of warehouses in Málaga

Additionally, we also have warehouses in A Coruña, Oviedo, Pamplona, San Sebastián, Seville, Valladolid, and Vitoria.

Weishaupt spare parts

No one knows Weishaupt products better than its exclusive distributor for Spain and Portugal, Sedical.

Through our official technical service, we can handle your requests for Weishaupt spare parts, industrial burners, and all other Sedical products.


Since the beginning of Sedical, training has been an indispensable pillar to face our daily challenges, but nowadays, where equipment evolves so quickly, continuous and quality training becomes particularly important.

At Sedical, significant efforts are made each year to achieve a valuable training program for both our staff and our customers.

We have several theoretical and practical training centers in Zaragoza, Barcelona, Valladolid, Valencia, Madrid, and Bilbao. All of them take advantage of facilities equipped with the latest technologies, where the newest and most innovative Sedical equipment is showcased.

At Sedical, we strive to maximize training dynamism. For this reason, for years we have had various online training rooms that we have continuously optimized, opening an alternative and functional pathway for learning.