Weishaupt spare parts Sedical, exclusive distributor of Weishaupt burners.

No one knows Weishaupt products better than its exclusive distributor for Spain and Portugal, Sedical.

Through our official technical service, we can handle your requests for Weishaupt spare parts, industrial burners, and all other Sedical products.

The safety of the installations is a priority at Sedical.

We guarantee the origin of every product supplied. We only supply spare parts directly from each of our suppliers.

The importance of using genuine Weishaupt spare parts lies in the quality processes established by the manufacturer, which ensures a durable and high-quality product. Their use allows us to achieve the expected performance in the equipment.

Sedical offers a wide range of original spare parts for:

Our team of technicians receives direct training from the manufacturer, acquiring firsthand knowledge.

The combination of original spare parts with a competent technician during installation will save you time and money.

From the official technical service of Sedical-Weishaupt, we want to address any doubts you may have about our products, accessories, spare parts, or services.

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